Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose

Life is filled with many challenges. Regardless of where you were born, you are faced with challenges that you must overcome in order to fulfill the purpose God designed for you.

Whether you believe in God or not, you cannot deny that deep within your heart, there lies a call to a greater good. It is a call beyond self; it is an innate calling to be more than what your environment, family, and culture has proposed. You must become successfully you.

”Overcome to Fulfill Your Purpose” deals with some of the most basic issues that you must overcome in order to pursue and fulfill the purpose of God for your life. Too often you may try to become “something” instead of the “You” God created. Learn to become successfully you and step into your purpose.

Seasons of Life - Taking Man Back to God

Seasons of Life, is a practical teaching on the seasonal changes in life. As you read, you will understand why mankind experiences a never ending cycle of ups and downs in life. It teaches how lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life keeps us from God, the same reasons why Adam and Eve disobeyed God and lost their protective covering. 

This book reveals a need for covering through Jesus, how to be covered, and how to maintain the covering. You will learn how to identify each season. You will learn all that Jesus endured during each season of life. How he defeated the devil and gave us the power to overcome each season.


I am excited to share with you about my new book project. I have partnered with my sister in faith Yevgeniya (Jane) Calendrillo, to write a Torah based curriculum for kids. 

This curriculum is great for congregations, home study,  and kids clubs that are learning Torah.  Throughout this curriculum children will learn  from the weekly Torah portions, discover the work of the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit), and see Yeshua (Jesus)  woven through the Torah.

Scan the QR CODE to learn more and download a sample lesson or click the link below.